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Welcome to Logaholic Live

Logaholic Live is the hosted version of Logaholic Web Analytics Software. It has all the features our regular versions have, but we host the software for you on our network.
  • We'll handle the installation, hardware, upgrades, maintenance, performance tuning, troubleshooting, backups etc; and we'll provide personal support by e-mail, or phone.

  • All you need is a website, a standard web browser and an e-mail account.

  • Just create a Logaholic Live account, add a javascript code to your website and we'll collect and store your log data and host the Logaholic Web Analytics software for you.

  • You still own your data; there are various ways to export your statistics, including log file format

  • Easy Setup; you can start collecting data within a few minutes

  • Sign up now for a FREE 30 day trial!